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Overwatch: Voice Actors

Social media accounts (Including: Doomfist)


Ark: Survival Evolved

Admin Cheat Sheet with Dino names, Saddle + Kibble IDs in 1 easy place!


Sims 4

Adding household traits with city living


Fallout 4

Settlement Cheat Sheet


Ark: Survival Evolved

How to spot Rock Elementals

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BLOG: Where the heck have I been?

| Blog | No Comments

Real life has been kicking my butt, specifically studying. This semester ends soon so I’ll be good to go!

FortNite: List of Active Modifiers & what they do (Updated Horde Bash)

| Blog, FortNite, Games | No Comments

In Fortnite, each mission now has different modifiers that are applied when playing. Sometimes they are a buff to the player, a specific class, traps or a general one. Similarly, enemies also get buffs.

Fortnite: How to create a private game to farm

| Blog, FortNite, Games | No Comments
When people complain about party members farming in a public game instead of a private game, they generally don't tell people how to make a private game. In this video,...

FortNite: Monsters – With pictures! (Updated with Shielders)

| Blog, FortNite, Games | No Comments

In Fortnite, you battle against Husks and Mist Monsters as you build, protect and collect. There are over 10 different types of monsters…

FortNite: Building configuration printable sheet

| FortNite, Games | No Comments

I’ve put together a printable building config sheet that I use.

Fortnite: Building textures, hp & elemental damage

| FortNite, Games, Site News | No Comments

Information on Fornite buildings, including elemental damage and what the different tiered textures look like.

Overwatch: Loot system overhaul, thoughts

| Blog, Games, Overwatch | No Comments

As someone who is level 700+, leveling became something that I didn’t look forward to. It was something that didn’t excite me any more.