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Overwatch: Voice Actors

Social media accounts (Including: Doomfist)


Ark: Survival Evolved

Admin Cheat Sheet with Dino names, Saddle + Kibble IDs in 1 easy place!


Sims 4

Adding household traits with city living


Fallout 4

Settlement Cheat Sheet


Ark: Survival Evolved

How to spot Rock Elementals

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Dino Kibble Chart (Updated Dec 2017)

| Ark: Survival Evolved, Misc Gaming | 2 Comments

In order to tame dinosaurs at the highest level possible, kibble has been introduced. Kibble is made in the Cooking Pot. Note to mobile users: You can now scroll the table! Thanks…

Admin Cheat Sheet with Dino names, Saddle + Kibble IDs in 1 easy place! (Updated w/ Phoenix)

| Ark: Survival Evolved, Misc Gaming | 9 Comments

This is a little “Cheat Sheet” that I’ve put together for server admins to use. It is a list of dinosaurs, their name for summoning, saddle ID, crafting level and preferred kibble and the kibbles ID.

Sims 4 How to SELL and ADOPT OUT out pets

| Games, Sims (1, 2, 3 and 4) | No Comments
Your pets have had puppies or kittens and your house is being overrun! You need to clear out some pets to make room or want to sell them. How can...

Sims 4 Pets ADD and ADOPT pets to your household

| Sims (1, 2, 3 and 4) | No Comments

Sims 4 Cats and Dogs has been released and now you want to know how you can get a pet for your family! This video will help with creating and…

Fortnite: Dev Update #10 – The TLDW

| Dev Update, FortNite, Games | No Comments
For those who don't have time to watch, can't watch or just don't want to watch the dev update, here is a quite point form list of what was included....

Overwatch: Skin tally – Sortable Table – Updated 3/11/17

| Games, Overwatch | No Comments

Is your favourite character really being ignored in the skins department? This table shows the total amount of skins each character has had since release

Sim Airport: Tutorial

| Games, Sim Airport | No Comments

Sim Airport is a fun game that is still lacking any in game tutorials and when I started playing other tutorial videos were 30 mins long lets plays. This video is an actual tutorial that will give you a basic understanding of the game and let you setup a simple airport to get you on your feet.

Sims 4: How to get ready for Cats & Dogs

| Games, Sims (1, 2, 3 and 4) | No Comments

Sims 4 Cats & Dogs is being released on the 10th November. Since the announcement, it’s also been released that EA have updated the system requirements needed in order to run the Pets expansion.