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Overwatch: Voice Actors

Social media accounts (Including: Doomfist)


Ark: Survival Evolved

Admin Cheat Sheet with Dino names, Saddle + Kibble IDs in 1 easy place!


Sims 4

Adding household traits with city living


Fallout 4

Settlement Cheat Sheet


Ark: Survival Evolved

How to spot Rock Elementals

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Overwatch: Voice Actors social media accounts (Updated: Ashe)

| Games, Overwatch | No Comments
A list of Overwatch Hero characters and their voice actors, includes their social media accounts where available.

Two Point Hospital: Sandbox mode released

| Games | No Comments
The crew over at Two Point Hospital have released a sandbox mode, that allows you to set your own rules before heading into a game. I had a quick play…

Sims 4: All about the Weather Machine

| Blog, Games, Sims (1, 2, 3 and 4), Sims 4 Game Blog | No Comments
Everything you need to know about Dr june's weather control device, in Sims 4. You must have the Seasons expansion pack in order for this to work. INCLUDING: How to…

Ark: Survival Evolved How to find Thylas

| Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark: Survival Evolved Blog, Blog, Games | No Comments
Finding Thyla's in the redwood forest can be difficult and sometimes when you do find them, they're bugged out and unable to be hit. Below is a video tutorial that…

Ark: Survival Evolved How to SOLO or DUO raise a GIGA in ARK 2018

| Ark: Survival Evolved, Games | No Comments
Yes, you can raise a giga in a small tribe or even solo. Watch this video to find out how! Raising a Giga in Ark is a daunting process when…

Sims 4 Seasons trailer breakdown

| Games, Sims (1, 2, 3 and 4) | No Comments
Having slow internet, sucks. I've spent the last few ours putting together a video for the trailer, but it's going to take 2 hours to upload.. It's not even 6…

Ark: Survival Evolved Vlog – #3 Raising a giga (Official)

| Ark: Survival Evolved Blog, Blog | No Comments
It's currently day 5, I'm tired and getting frustrated with having to login every 8 hours in order to imprint. If you're late, that means you're sequentially later and later…

Ark: Survival Evolved Vlog – #2 Raising a giga (Official)

| Ark: Survival Evolved Blog, Blog | No Comments
The excitement has worn off and the reality is setting in. The two gigas haven't become any more difficult to raise however, the thought of loggin in daily to make…

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