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Overwatch: Voice Actors

Social media accounts (Including: Doomfist)


Ark: Survival Evolved

Admin Cheat Sheet with Dino names, Saddle + Kibble IDs in 1 easy place!


Sims 4

Adding household traits with city living


Fallout 4

Settlement Cheat Sheet


Ark: Survival Evolved

How to spot Rock Elementals

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Overwatch: Loot system overhaul, thoughts

| Blog, Games, Overwatch | No Comments

As someone who is level 700+, leveling became something that I didn’t look forward to. It was something that didn’t excite me any more.

Overwatch: Honest Review of the Summer Games 2017

| Blog, Games, Overwatch | No Comments

This year, as promised all of the items have been re-released and as someone who got most everything last year it is a blessing and a curse. While there are an extra 7 skins,…

Overwatch: Skin tally – Sortable Table – Updated 9/8/17

| Games, Overwatch | No Comments

Is your favourite character really being ignored in the skins department? This table shows the total amount of skins each character has had since release.

Admin Cheat Sheet with Dino names, Saddle + Kibble IDs in 1 easy place! (Updated PATCH v264.32)

| Ark: Survival Evolved, Misc Gaming | 9 Comments

This is a little “Cheat Sheet” that I’ve put together for server admins to use. It is a list of dinosaurs, their name for summoning, saddle ID, crafting level and preferred kibble and the kibbles ID.

Overwatch: Speculation and more leaks! Updated 7th July

| Games, Overwatch | No Comments

Given the popularity of Overwatch, its little wonder that the community is going crazy with speculation and theory crafting when new heroes are going to be released as well what maps, skins and game modes.

Overwatch: Voice Actors social media accounts (Updated: Doomfist)

| Games, Overwatch | No Comments

A list of Overwatch Hero characters and their voice actors, includes their social media accounts where available.

Site News: Downloads moved

| Site News | No Comments

In trying to make the load time of the website faster, I’ve reduced the plug-ins from 47 down to 17. I had a few redundant plug-ins…

Sims 4: Adding household traits with city living

| Games, Sims (1, 2, 3 and 4), Tutorial | No Comments

Adding traits to your household has the potential to make your game more of a challenge and interesting depending on which you select.