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Ark: Survival Evolved

Dino Kibble Chart (Updated Dec 2017)

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ark_survival_evolved_icon_by_iiblack_iceii-d8wlq1eIn order to tame dinosaurs at the highest level possible, kibble has been introduced. Kibble is made in the Cooking Pot.

Note to mobile users: You can now scroll the table!

Dino NameVegieProteinLiked by
AllosaurusSavrootCooked Prime MeatGriffin, Tapejara
AnkylosaurusSavrootCooked Prime MeatCarnotaurus
AraneoRockarrotCooked Prime MeatCarnotaurus
ArchaeopteryxLongrassCooked FishDiplocaulus
ArgentavisCitronalCooked Prime MeatSpinosaurus
BaryonyxSavrootRaw MuttonMegalania
BrontosaurusRockarrotCooked Meat JerkySabertooth
Camelsaurus (Morellatops)SavrootChitinThorny Dragon
CarbonemysRockarrotCooked Prime MeatBrontosaurus
CarnotaurusSavrootCooked MeatDirebear, Direwolf, Triceratops
CompyCitronalCooked Fish MeatKentrosaurus
DilophosaurCitronalCooked Meat JerkyAnkylo, Doedicurus, Pachy
DimetrodonCitronalCooked Meat JerkyGallimimus
DimorphodonLongrassCooked MeatMegaloceros
DiplodocusSavrootRare FlowerAllosaurus
DodoRockarrotCooked MeatIchthy, Pteranodon, Mesopithecus
GallimimusSavrootCooked Meat JerkyTerror Bird, Castoroides
IchthyornisSavrootRare FlowerGiant Bee
IguanodonRare MushroomCooked Prime MeatDaeodon
KairukuSavrootCooked MeatAngler
KaprosuchusSavrootCooked Prime Meat
KentrosaurusSavrootCooked Prime Meat
LymantriaCitronalCooked Prime Meat
LystrosaurusRockarrotCooked Meat x1 or
Cooked Prime Meat x1
MantisCitronalObsidianRock Elemental
MegalaniaGiant Bee HoneyChitinMegatherium
MegalosaurusRockarrotCooked Prime MeatTherizinosaurus
MicroraptorLongrassCooked Prime MeatIguanodon
MoschopsSavrootCooked Meat JerkyPurlovia
OviraptorLongrassCooked Prime MeatMegalosaurus
PachyCitronalCooked MeatParacer
PachyCitronalCooked MeatParacer
PachyrhinoCitronalCooked Prime Fish MeatIchthyornis, Pelagornis
ParasaurLongrassCooked MeatRaptor
PteranodonRockarrotCooked Meat JerkyCarbonemys
PulmonoscorpiusLongrassCooked Prime MeatBeelzebufo, Tyrannosaurus
QuetzalcoatlusRockarrotCooked Prime MeatDimetrodon, Giganotosaurus, Mosasaurus
RaptorLongrassCooked Prime MeatMammoth
SarcoRockarrotCooked Prime MeatStegosaurus
SpinosaurCitronalCooked Prime MeatMegalodon
StegosaurusCitronalCooked Prime MeatArgentavis
TapejaraRockarrotCooked Prime MeatKaprosuchus
Terror BirdCitronalCooked MeatWoolly Rhino
TherizinoCitronalAngler GelBasilosaurus
Thorny DragonSavrootCooked Meat JerkyLymantria
TitanoboaLongrassCooked Meat JerkyDunkleosteus, Gigantopithecus, Thyacoleo
TriceratopsSavrootCooked Meat JerkySarco
TyrannosaurusLongrassCooked Prime MeatPlesiosaur, Quetzalcoatlus
VultureLongrassCooked MeatMorellatops

Thanks to chengeloonie, COIN_RETURN from Reddit for corrections.

Game Diary

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I sit here waiting for my wyvern to come of age in Ark: Survival Evolved. She was given to me by another player who couldn’t dedicate the time into raising it. I had no place to put it, no way of getting milk and no idea about the frequency at which it would need food. But I took it on anyway.

With the help of a handful of people on the server, I was given milk. Sometimes delivered, others I’d have to go and get it on my 160 speed Argie. It was amazing, I never thought that I’d get so much help.

On day 2, I was evacuated due to fire danger and couldn’t do anything to help. The guys on my server rallied around and helped by putting food in the trough to feed it. She’s now a slither away from being fully grown.

I didn’t get a chance to build a pen, I didn’t get to experience much of what it takes to raise a wyvern, but I’ll have one shortly. With help from the amazing guys on my server.

And the winner is!

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Thank you to everyone who entered the competition to win a copy of Ark: Survival Evolved. The winner was Edward T, the 33rd comment posted.

I plan on doing more competitions in the future for Ark and other games, so be sure to check back every now and then!

He’s been emailed the code to claim the prize.