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Dino Kibble Chart (Updated Dec 2017)

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ark_survival_evolved_icon_by_iiblack_iceii-d8wlq1eIn order to tame dinosaurs at the highest level possible, kibble has been introduced. Kibble is made in the Cooking Pot.

Note to mobile users: You can now scroll the table!

Dino NameVegieProteinLiked by
AllosaurusSavrootCooked Prime MeatGriffin, Tapejara
AnkylosaurusSavrootCooked Prime MeatCarnotaurus
AraneoRockarrotCooked Prime MeatCarnotaurus
ArchaeopteryxLongrassCooked FishDiplocaulus
ArgentavisCitronalCooked Prime MeatSpinosaurus
BaryonyxSavrootRaw MuttonMegalania
BrontosaurusRockarrotCooked Meat JerkySabertooth
Camelsaurus (Morellatops)SavrootChitinThorny Dragon
CarbonemysRockarrotCooked Prime MeatBrontosaurus
CarnotaurusSavrootCooked MeatDirebear, Direwolf, Triceratops
CompyCitronalCooked Fish MeatKentrosaurus
DilophosaurCitronalCooked Meat JerkyAnkylo, Doedicurus, Pachy
DimetrodonCitronalCooked Meat JerkyGallimimus
DimorphodonLongrassCooked MeatMegaloceros
DiplodocusSavrootRare FlowerAllosaurus
DodoRockarrotCooked MeatIchthy, Pteranodon, Mesopithecus
GallimimusSavrootCooked Meat JerkyTerror Bird, Castoroides
IchthyornisSavrootRare FlowerGiant Bee
IguanodonRare MushroomCooked Prime MeatDaeodon
KairukuSavrootCooked MeatAngler
KaprosuchusSavrootCooked Prime Meat
KentrosaurusSavrootCooked Prime Meat
LymantriaCitronalCooked Prime Meat
LystrosaurusRockarrotCooked Meat x1 or
Cooked Prime Meat x1
MantisCitronalObsidianRock Elemental
MegalaniaGiant Bee HoneyChitinMegatherium
MegalosaurusRockarrotCooked Prime MeatTherizinosaurus
MicroraptorLongrassCooked Prime MeatIguanodon
MoschopsSavrootCooked Meat JerkyPurlovia
OviraptorLongrassCooked Prime MeatMegalosaurus
PachyCitronalCooked MeatParacer
PachyCitronalCooked MeatParacer
PachyrhinoCitronalCooked Prime Fish MeatIchthyornis, Pelagornis
ParasaurLongrassCooked MeatRaptor
PteranodonRockarrotCooked Meat JerkyCarbonemys
PulmonoscorpiusLongrassCooked Prime MeatBeelzebufo, Tyrannosaurus
QuetzalcoatlusRockarrotCooked Prime MeatDimetrodon, Giganotosaurus, Mosasaurus
RaptorLongrassCooked Prime MeatMammoth
SarcoRockarrotCooked Prime MeatStegosaurus
SpinosaurCitronalCooked Prime MeatMegalodon
StegosaurusCitronalCooked Prime MeatArgentavis
TapejaraRockarrotCooked Prime MeatKaprosuchus
Terror BirdCitronalCooked MeatWoolly Rhino
TherizinoCitronalAngler GelBasilosaurus
Thorny DragonSavrootCooked Meat JerkyLymantria
TitanoboaLongrassCooked Meat JerkyDunkleosteus, Gigantopithecus, Thyacoleo
TriceratopsSavrootCooked Meat JerkySarco
TyrannosaurusLongrassCooked Prime MeatPlesiosaur, Quetzalcoatlus
VultureLongrassCooked MeatMorellatops

Thanks to chengeloonie, COIN_RETURN from Reddit for corrections.

Hearthstone Quiz #1

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My husband saw me putting together the Fallout 4 quizzes and he wanted to see how people went with a Hearthstone quiz, so here it is. The quiz is a general knowledge from game play. Good luck!

Note: Quiz was written before the launch of Wrath of the Old Gods, keep this in mind when answering.

1. Which class outside of Paladin has a minion which has Divine Shield?

Question 1 of 10

2. In World of Warcraft Who replaced Thrall as Warchief of the Horde

Question 2 of 10

3. Which class has the fewest cards with a Battlecry, before Wrath of the Old Gods?

Question 3 of 10

4. Which class has the most Legendary cards?

Question 4 of 10

5. Who is Malfurion’s Brother?

Question 5 of 10

6. In the art for Archmage Antonidas what color potion is on his belt?

Question 6 of 10

7. In the art for Flamestrike, what character race is in the foreground?

Question 7 of 10

8. Who is the first boss you play against in the games tutorial?

Question 8 of 10

9. How much damage will Old Murk Eye do when placed with 2 Murloc Warleader’s and 1 Grimscale Oracle?

Question 9 of 10

10. What colour is King Krush?

Question 10 of 10




Thanks to Grogatog and nightmare794 for corrections

[Rant] Game of Thrones, chapter 6. Sucked.

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In an article released a few days ago, Telltale games have confirmed that there will be a second season (potentially more) to the Game of Thrones franchise. Having finished playing through the first season, I have to say that I’m annoyed.

If you haven’t played the game yet and don’t want spoilers, stop reading here!

I’d played Wolf Amongst Us, I was aware that the “choices” in game weren’t actually choices and didn’t really impact on the story at the end. This was OK, I still enjoyed playing. When Game of Thrones came on sale, I bought it and worked my way through the chapters that were already available.

I enjoyed the time I spent playing it, the emotional highs and lows were great. Although I wasn’t really sure of the point to Mira was. Other than a reason to have a connection to Kings Landing and include 3 actors of the show in the game. Her place in the plot felt weak. The characters in Kings Landing weren’t the same as they were in the show. Margaery Tyrell says to do one thing then gets angry at Mira for doing exactly that. I don’t see Cersei Lannister giving a hoot about the Foresters. They aren’t pivotal to the throne. Tyrion Lannister might toy around but I don’t think he’d care much either with all the other things going on. I guess, it allowed Telltale games to tie the game into the show and that’s why Mira was introduced. I played Mira as noble as I could. Ned Stark would be proud. When we got to chapter 6 I thought that things were going to turn around because I was under the impression that this was the end of the story. Suddenly she’s in the cells being given the choice of death or sex slave, it wasn’t until her body fell to the side that I stopped believing that there wasn’t going to be some magical plot armor appear to save her. Nope. Dead.

The game was automatically updated, so I didn’t have to remember when it was available. This was great. A surprise in the morning when the PC booted up to see that it was downloading another chapter.

I also understood that it’s the Game of Thrones world, Valar Morghulis and all that. The deaths in the Forester family felt like they were more for shock value than for any other reason. If it was that brutal in the North, they’d have lost a child before this, surely. Granted the war has only just kicked into high gear, but the Whitehills seem to be pretty big tools and the Boltons didn’t just suddenly become jerks.

Gared is sent off to the wall, which allows us to have a brief encounter with John Snow. Again, plot device to tie us into the TV world. I don’t believe that John Snow would dismiss the truth so easily as he does in the game world. He’s sent to a northern grove as the last wish of a dying man. Something that Gared coul dhave done without having to become a member of the Nights Watch. There is also no current threat to the Northern Grove. Wildlings are coming south, the main land don’t venture north of the wall and most people believe it to be a fairy tale. Sure, the magical Northern Grove that no one else knows about and isn’t under and apparent threat mustn’t be lost.

I chose to save Asher over Rodrik. The ending of chapter 5 was horrible. Asher was meant to be The chosen One to save the day with his handful sized army of slave fighters. Lets ignore that Daenerys Targaryen gave him a rather healthy sized chest full of gold to buy more mercenaries. Finally, the brothers are reunited. Aaaaaaaand one is dead.

Gregor Forester is built up all this time as being a righteous man, second only to Ned Stark. Yet he has illegitimate children that he’s squirrelled away? This doesn’t make sense. Granted he might want to hide the shame of having bastard children Elsera and Josera to some unknown woman who may or may not have had magical powers, but so far to the north, beyond the wall?

When I loaded the last chapter, I was excited for closure. Instead I got the obliteration of the Forester family. Rodrik or Asher, Mira, Ethan, Mother Elissa, Talia’s whereabouts unknown and Ryon with Beskha. When you finish playing the chapter under the belief that it’s the end of the game and there isn’t any more, because that’s what you bought, you’re left distraught. There is no happy “yay I finished the game“, there was no satisfaction. I was left in tears (big girl that I am, crying over video games) and angry that I’d invested any time into the game at all. To finish playing through the game to find out it isn’t the end feels like a slap in the face. The ending left me gutted and frustrated. I honestly don’t see myself continuing to play. What’s the point? Everyone is going to die and the plot stinks. I have no reason to continue playing beyond morbid curiosity. There wasn’t any hope in the chapter 6 that makes me want to play on. I was questionable about playing chapter 6 even, but I as I said, I was under the impression that it was going to be the ending of the game.

Not happy.

Breeding – All in 1 Temps inc Maps + Suggested Pen Sizes (Updated w/ Pelagornis + Allosaurus)

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Breeding in Ark can be tricky. Below is a table with the recommended temperatures and pen sizes for optimal breeding as well as some maps and a quick guide.

Why put the dinosaurs in a pen?

When Dinosaurs mate they need to be near each other, while wandering around. If the area that they walk around in is too large, the mating process will cancel out making it take longer. Below is a table that shows the foundations required in order for breeding to be maintained at all times.

To view maps, click here.

Download a printable sheet to help keep track of your Dinosaurs stats!

[purchase_link id=”7197″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

DinosaurMin (C)Max (C)Min (F)Max (F)Pen SizeBirth MethodMore info
Allosaurus263276902x2Lays Egg
Ankylosaurus162055662x2Lays Egg
Argentavis121354562x2x2Lays EggCan fly, pen will need a roof.
Brontosaurus283182888x8 (B-Gate)Lays Egg
Carbonemys303486932x2Lays Egg
Carnotaurus263279902x2Lays Egg
Compsognathus24317689~1x1Lays Egg
Dilophosaur283282901x1Lays Egg
Dimetrodon303486932x1Lays Egg
Dimorphodon3538951001x1x1Lays EggCan fly, pen will need a roof.
Diplodocus262979843x3Lays Egg
Dodo223072861x1Lays Egg
Gallimimus242775814x4Lays Egg
Giganotosaurus41421051078x8 (B-Gate)Lays Egg
Kairuku222972841x1Lays Egg
Oviraptor262979841x1Lays Egg
Pachy242875821x1Lays Egg
Parasaur242875822x2Lays Egg
Pelagornis293284901x1x1Lays EggCan fly, pen will need a roof. Hover for more info.
Pteradon293184872x2x2Lays EggCan fly, pen will need a roof.
Quetzal5641538x8x3Lays EggCan fly, pen will need a roof.
Raptor202868822x2Lays Egg
Sarco303486933x3Lays Egg
Spino303286908x8 (B-Gate)Lays Egg
Stegosaurus222872824x4Lays Egg
Terror Bird202768811x1x1Lays EggCan glide, pen may need a roof
Tyrannosaurus323490933x3 or (B-Gate)Lays Egg
Trike222872823x3Lays Egg
Woolly Rhino----2x3Birth

TBA* Game didn’t cooperate in testing to achieve exact range. If you know the information, please let me know so that I can update the data for everyone!


<a href="#BREEDINGTIPS">Quick Guide for Breeding.</a>
  • Put a male and a female in a pen.
  • Enable wander on both dinosaurs.
  • The dinosaurs will mate.
  • If the dinosaur lays an egg – Check the egg to ensure that it says “incubating”. Too Hot – Place the egg somewhere cooler / closer to an air conditioner unit. Too Cold – Place the egg somewhere warmer / closer to a lit fire (or a handful of fires)
  • If the dinosaur gestates – Keep an eye on the mother until the baby appears between the mothers hind legs.
  • Once the baby appears, press “E” to imprint / claim it.
  • Place food in it’s inventory until it reaches the juvenile stage and can feed itself from a trough.

Place a male and female dinosaur on wander. It’s best to do this while the dinosaurs are locked in a pen together. The female will show a “mating status” on her hover over, much like when taming.  Once the bar has completed an egg will drop with a red alpha glow. It will also state that it is a “Fertilized”. Fertilized eggs do not stack in the inventory with each other or non-fertilized eggs. They can be eaten as normal egs, so be careful. The eggs show the parents as well as their levels when it was born. Eggs also have a health bar that decreases if they are left in the wild in the wrong temperature.

The female will begin a cool down for when she can next mate while the male is free to mate again with another female of the same species. The timer can be seen by hovering over the dinosaur and looking at the lower right hand side of the box.

The egg will then need to be incubated at the correct temperature (see table above). Once the yellow taming bar has gone all the way to the left the baby will hatch. You need to watch the eggs to sure that they aren’t taking damage due to incorrect climate. Depending on where your base is you may have to heat the egg via fires or cool it down via air conditioners. Alternatively, you can transport the egg while holding it in your inventory to hatch somewhere with an acceptable climate. If the egg is kept at the incorrect temperature for too long, it will lose health. When the health reaches zero, the egg expires and disappears. You can alter the temperature of the environment by placing fires and an air conditioning unit at the same time.

To make sure you’re in the correct natural temperature, press “H”. You need to go by the climate, not your characters temperature found in your “inventory” page.

If you succeed in hatching the egg, you will hear a soft “cracking” egg sound. Immediately press “E” to claim the dinosaur then place food in the inventory of the baby dinosaur. At first, it will only hold a handful of food. As it feeds, it can hold more. This needs to happen very quickly, if the baby dinosaur doesn’t receive food within the first few moments of it’s life, it will die.

Should the baby not require an egg and just appear from the mother, the exact same technique is required in order to raise the baby. Claim it and then slide food into the inventory as quickly as possible.

You will need to continue sliding food into it’s inventory until it reaches the Juvenile stage. Once it reaches the Juvenile stage, it will feed from the Feeding Trough / Food Bin. It will continue to grow until it reaches adulthood.

There are three stages that the dinosaur must go through before it reaches maturity, baby, juvenile and adolescent. If there is any combat near the dinosaur during any of these stages, it will flee.

Changing the times on your server

If you run your own server, or know someone who does and want to amend the time it takes in order to complete the breeding you’ll need to add these to the Game.ini file, under the “[/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]” section.

  • MatingIntervalMultiplier=1.0
    • The smaller the number, the faster you’ll be able to breed your dinosaurs again. EG: 0.20 reduces the time from every 1-2 hours to 10-30 mins.
  • EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=1.0
    • The larger the number is, the quicker the eggs will hatch. EG: 50 speeds up the time to being a few mins for eggs to hatch.
  • BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=1.0
    • The larger the number is, the faster the baby matures. EG: 50 speeds up the time to being a few mins for the baby stage and then allows a much faster maturation process.

If you have any feedback please feel free to Tweet me at @ShillianthYT,  via Facebook or Reddit.

Thanks to ultrafragenHurdis4 and fineri for corrections via Reddit.

Little something I’m working on :)

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587bf124db14402928af9d0e054e56baFor the last week I’ve been working on a series of videos based on traits in the Sims 4. In total there will be 18 videos, with a potential 2 more.

As I’ve been playing, I’ve found that I’m picking the same traits over and over again and that gets boring! Wanting to try something different, I started to look around at some information on what else I could pick. When I discovered HOW many traits there were I was shocked! I even managed to pick up a tip when creating a sim, select the aspiration with the trait you’re after, don’t worry about the aspiration, you can change it in game! That way you’re not wasting a trait spot.

The videos are / will be split like this

  • Traits
    • Emotional
      • Active, Cheerful, Creative
      • Genius, Gloomy, Goofball
      • Hot Headed, Romantic, Self-Assured
    • Hobby
      • Art Lover, Bookworm, Foodie
      • Geek, Music Lover, Perfectionist
    • Lifestyle
      • Ambitious, Childish, Clumsy
      • Glutton, Insane, Lazy
      • Loves Outdoors, Materialistic, Neat
      • Slob, Snob, Squeamish
    • Social
      • Bro, Evil, Family Oriented
      • Good, Hates Children, Loner
      • Mean, Noncommital, Outgoing
    • Bonus Traits – Aspirations (Create-a-sim), Aspiration Completion and Rewards Store.

While the videos aren’t currently public, you can view them in the Sims 4 tutorial playlist if you want to have a preview of the videos 🙂

Minecraft – Tour of my place

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I’ve been playing on my brother’s (SattaTV) Minecraft server lately and he recently did a video where he went through my place. He poked fun at my place and didn’t go upstairs! I also wasn’t aware that he wanted me to make a video, so here is my video tour…

Lily Lavender

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Lily Lavender Legacy

Lily Lavender Legacy

Lily Lavender is the founder Sim of my legacy game. She started out living in a small starter house and no money and ended up with at least $630,700 worth of cash and thousands more spent on the house. Read More