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Overwatch Hero Quiz: Tracer

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I figure if I’m going to do a quiz on any of the Overwatch characters, the first quiz has to be on Tracer! Good luck

Test your knowledge on Overwatch’s Tracer! The quiz includes questions on her lore, looks and abilities.

1. What is Tracers real name?

Question 1 of 12

2. What was Tracer diagnosed as suffering from, after the Slipstream accident?

Question 2 of 12

3. Who designed the Chronal Accelerator, worn by Tracer, that helps her stay in time.

Question 3 of 12

4. According to lore, how old is Tracer?

Question 4 of 12

5. Tracer uses dual Pulse Pistols, how much damage do they do?

Question 5 of 12

6. Assuming you don’t blink into a wall, how much distance does Tracers blink ability cover?

Question 6 of 12

7. Which of the following colours is not the name of a skin?

Question 7 of 12

8. In Tracers Cheer emote, which hand does she punch into the air?

Question 8 of 12

9. Total Recall is one of Tracers achievements, how much health do you have to recover without dying in order to unlock it?

Question 9 of 12

10. According to lore, what is the reference number of the Slipstream plane that Tracer was the pilot of?

Question 10 of 12

11. In the film short “Alive“, who was Tracer trying to protect from being shot by Widowmaker?

Question 11 of 12

12. In one of Tracers voice lines, she says “_____, you’re the real hero“, who is she referring to?

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Quiz page update + more

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quiz-updateAlong with a new Overwatch map quiz, I’ve also redone the quiz page itself. The page was streamlined and made easier to navigate. Along with adding some imagery, I’ve updated the banner and added columns to see what quizzes are available. I’ve also condensed the leader boards so that they don’t take up the entire page with white space.

Additionally, you should now be able to create a login and keep track of all your quizzes! See how you rank against others by comparing quizzes completed, points earned, and overall correct percentage.

I plan on putting up more quizzes, so be sure to check back!

World of Warcraft quiz – Karazhan and its inhabitants

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Karazhan from the World of Warcraft movie

Karazhan from the World of Warcraft movie

With Hearthstone releasing a patch that is believed to be based on Karazhan, you can test your knowledge!

You can also see a list of bosses and potential new cards or if you’ve never played Warcraft and want to have a look inside, you can look at our Karazhan page.

Please go to World of Warcraft quiz – Karazhan and its inhabitants to view this test



Warcraft Quiz #1: Illidan Stormrage (Lore)

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Test your world of Warcraft knowledge with this open answer quiz about Illidan Stormrage. This quiz is a type-your-answer style of quiz. I’d rate this quiz as difficult, although if you know about Illidan you’ll probably breeze through it.

How will you go against everyone else? Post your score in the comments below and share it with your friends!

Please go to Warcraft Quiz #1: Illidan Stormrage (Lore) to view this test