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Fortnite: How to create a private game to farm

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When people complain about party members farming in a public game instead of a private game, they generally don’t tell people how to make a private game. In this video, you’ll be shown how to set your game settings to private as well as which game mode is best for farming.

  • Click on the three horizontal dashes in the top right of the screen
  • Select Privacy:
  • This will give you 3 options. Public, Friends and Private
    • Public, is where your game will be auto filled with random people playing the game. Presumably doing the mission to complete it, rather than farming
    • Friends, is where people on your friends list can join you
    • Private, is where its you.

Note: This information includes you and your party.

Now, the best mission to do the farming on is “Fight the Storm” as there is no timer to start, no timer once the objective has been found and only activates when you start it. If you wanted to, you could stay in until the entire map has been cleared out.

So the next time you see someone mentioning “farming should be done in a private game” but don’t explain how, be sure to link this video so that we can help educate the FortNite Community and hopefully reducing farming in public games or share the video around to get the word out!

Let’s talk in the discussion section, who you find to be the best hero for farming and why?


Blog: Website changes and general update

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In what I can only describe as a flurry of confusion, the site is back to normal.

Why the changes?

Well, I’d been avoiding updating the theme for almost a year, it felt like it was updated within days of being installed and I couldn’t be bothered to update it. About 6 months later, it was updated again. I was wanting to do some things with the website, that I could do with the newer version of the theme, so had to update it.

Which broke things, that I fixed.

Then clicking around things, I broke it again. I’ve spent the last 4 hours basically re-doing the website to bring it back to its normal form. Even then, the text still feels weird.

There was also an offer on Reddit (/r/PartneredYouTube) by BaileysART. He was offering to do character style pictures. I took up the offer and really like what he drew (Speed drawing on his channel, here). It’s somewhat different from the little fairy that I’d been using for years, but I really like it. I’ve been slowly changing everything over to show it as the new ‘avatar’. Not sure what else I need to change.

I’ve also finally found / bought / installed a plugin for the website that’ll tell me when someone makes a comment on a post! Which is really exciting for me. The plugin allows you (the reader) to comment on things using your Facebook account. Up until last night, I wouldn’t know about it unless I looked. I have hundreds of posts on this website haha so it’d be impossible to check them all. Really excited to see how many posts people make.


Overwatch Origins Edition (collectors) digital on special

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For what one can only assume is a limited time offer, Overwatch Origins edition is on special for $69.95 AUD (down from $89.95 AUD). For $10.00 AUD (half the cost of the normal upgrade), you can upgrade your basic game to Origins Edition and unlock the in game skins as well as Winston pet in Warcraft, wings in Diablo 3, ingame portraits in Starcraft and card back for Hearthstone.

All you need to do is login to your battlenet account and click on shop. Purchase the Origins Edition and the game will charge you the difference.