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Blog: Website changes and general update

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In what I can only describe as a flurry of confusion, the site is back to normal.

Why the changes?

Well, I’d been avoiding updating the theme for almost a year, it felt like it was updated within days of being installed and I couldn’t be bothered to update it. About 6 months later, it was updated again. I was wanting to do some things with the website, that I could do with the newer version of the theme, so had to update it.

Which broke things, that I fixed.

Then clicking around things, I broke it again. I’ve spent the last 4 hours basically re-doing the website to bring it back to its normal form. Even then, the text still feels weird.

There was also an offer on Reddit (/r/PartneredYouTube) by BaileysART. He was offering to do character style pictures. I took up the offer and really like what he drew (Speed drawing on his channel, here). It’s somewhat different from the little fairy that I’d been using for years, but I really like it. I’ve been slowly changing everything over to show it as the new ‘avatar’. Not sure what else I need to change.

I’ve also finally found / bought / installed a plugin for the website that’ll tell me when someone makes a comment on a post! Which is really exciting for me. The plugin allows you (the reader) to comment on things using your Facebook account. Up until last night, I wouldn’t know about it unless I looked. I have hundreds of posts on this website haha so it’d be impossible to check them all. Really excited to see how many posts people make.


Overwatch Origins Edition (collectors) digital on special

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For what one can only assume is a limited time offer, Overwatch Origins edition is on special for $69.95 AUD (down from $89.95 AUD). For $10.00 AUD (half the cost of the normal upgrade), you can upgrade your basic game to Origins Edition and unlock the in game skins as well as Winston pet in Warcraft, wings in Diablo 3, ingame portraits in Starcraft and card back for Hearthstone.

All you need to do is login to your battlenet account and click on shop. Purchase the Origins Edition and the game will charge you the difference.

Quiz page update + more

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quiz-updateAlong with a new Overwatch map quiz, I’ve also redone the quiz page itself. The page was streamlined and made easier to navigate. Along with adding some imagery, I’ve updated the banner and added columns to see what quizzes are available. I’ve also condensed the leader boards so that they don’t take up the entire page with white space.

Additionally, you should now be able to create a login and keep track of all your quizzes! See how you rank against others by comparing quizzes completed, points earned, and overall correct percentage.

I plan on putting up more quizzes, so be sure to check back!

Metal gathering for an air con

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Sic birds in total, was meant to be seven but Mikey got lost on the way. Stupid Mikey.

Sic birds in total, was meant to be seven but Mikey got lost on the way. Stupid Mikey.

I was in need of some metal, knew that our volcano base had some in it but didn’t know exactly how much so figured I’d take all of the birds along with me. Came back with them all busting to the brim carrying metal. Unloaded it into the main base to make the second air con that was needed to hatch a Quetz egg that was given to me by someone else on the server. Can’t wait to hatch it!

Finally tamed an Allo pack!

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In the screenshot, the gun is covering two of the three, you can make out the third near the palm trees at the tip of the gun

I’d only seen 1 Allo pack since they came out and wanted them. I worked on getting a tranq gun and darts to tame them then spent a few days trying to find them. Finally, while out looking for a Quetz, I found a pack. Luckily for me, they were near a cliff AND stuck in trees. They kept rubber banding around the place, but couldn’t get to me.

I stood on the cliff face and kept shooting them until they were all knocked out. Flew down there, gave them kibble.

Getting them  home was a little more difficult than I expected. I tried to get them home via the raft, but I couldn’t see around the walls and they fell off when I accidentally hit the wall. I ended up going back to the shore and walking them back.

They are awesome, I love that they purr! I don’t normally tame aggressive dinos solo because I’m too scared I’ll die.

Huey, Duey and Luey are now safely back at the main base.

Have you tamed any Allos yet? What’d you name them? Where’d you find them? How many alpha’s do you have?

Sims 4 Update – Gender restrictions removed

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EA have recently released a patch for the Sims 4 game while removed the gender restrictions on all clothing and accessories. This is something that I’ve wanted for a long time. There has been clothing for the guys that I’ve wanted to put on the gals (wearing their bf’s jacket for example) and I also thought that some of the hair styles for the men were a little limiting (short hair to the left, short hair spiked up, short hair to the right, short hair ruffled – ugh!). So this update is amazing!

If you play Sims 4 (or not!) I’d love to know what you think about the removal of restrictions.

For more details, click here.

Sorry about the website down time

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cpu-usageI’d like to apologise for the downtime of the website this morning. It turns out that there were a number of unknown boys crawling through the website at an insane rate which took up all the websites. The host didn’t like this, so the account got suspended. It wasn’t until not long ago that I was able to get in contact with SiteGround to fix it. They’ve been amazing throughout the experience. Hopefully there wont be any more downtime and the website will be online as normal!

The brawl in Overwatch has changed to Genji / Hanzo, which I’ve yet to get a chance to play. Lately, I’ve been on Reaper, trying to get the “Die, Die, Die… Die” achievement. It has eluded me through a series of bad plays and terrible timing haha. How are you finding Overwatch? Want to play sometime with me (and my regional wifi internet! Haha!)  add me Evoke#1149 and you can carry me! Haha – I’m not that bad on Zenyatta!