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Bethesda Game Studios have released a video on new build objects coming to Fallout 4, which looks amazing. Along with elevators, track kits, sorting machines and conveyor belts, they’ve also included both armor and weapon racks! Via the new Contraptions Workshop DLC.

They’re also introducing the ability to build your own vault, something that I’ve wanted to do since I first started the game. The trailer shows adding the various walls and stair cases that you find within vaults. I’m also hoping that it comes with all the stuff to decorate them as well. This will be via another Workshop called Vault-Tech.

Being able to build your own vaults, makes you an Overseer. It’s the duty of an Overseer to perform experiments on your dwellers, and we’ll be able to do this as well.

In one particular screenshot, it looks like we’ll be able to get a side on view of the vault, similar to Fallout Shelter.

They’ve also made some updates to Fallout Shelter, namely bringing it to the PC. Along with that Bethesda have also introduced quests, new enemies and locations to explore. From the look of the trailer, we’ll be able to view areas other than the vault itself. The new combat system looks interesting. Instead of dwellers shooting at random, they’ll shoot at who you tell them to, in order similar to how you use V.A.T.S.

We can expect the Vault-Tech Workshop to come out in July, 2016 and the Fallout Shelter Quest and PC release to launch as well. The Fallout Contraptions Workshop is currently available to purchase via Steam for $4.99 USD. Nuka-World ($19.95 USD) will be released in August as well and will be the “final add-on” DLC available for Fallout 4 as they are happy with how the mod progression has gone.

What do you hope will be in the new DLC, let me know in the comments below? Don’t forget you can check out the Fallout 4 Settler Reference Sheets available on this website and if you haven’t already check out our P.A.M.s!

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