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ark_survival_evolved_icon_by_iiblack_iceii-d8wlq1eIn order to tame dinosaurs at the highest level possible, kibble has been introduced. Kibble is made in the Cooking Pot.

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Dino NameProteinVegieFiberMejoBerriesWaterLiked by
AnkylosaurusPrime Jerky x1Savoroot x1x3x2YesCarnotaurus
ArgentavisPrime Jerky x1Citronal x1x3x2YesSpinosaurus
BrontosaurusMeat Jerky x1Rockarrot x1x3x2YesSabertooth
CarbonemysPrime Jerky x1Rockarrot x1x3x2YesBrontosaurus
CarnotaurusCooked Meat x1Savoroot x1x3x2YesDirebear, Direwolf, Triceratops
Compy Cooked Fish MeatCitronal x1x3x2YesPelagornis
DilophosaurMeat Jerky x1Citronal x1x3x2YesAnkylo, Doedicurus, Pachy
DimetrodonMeat Jerky x2Citronal x1x3x2YesGallimimus
DimorphodonCooked Meat x1Longrass x1x3x2YesMegaloceros
DiplodocusRare Flower x1Savroot x1x3x2YesAllosaurus
DodoCooked Meat x1Rockarrot x1x3x2YesIchthy, Pteranodon, Mesopithecus
GallimimusMeat Jerky x1Savroot x1x3x2YesTerror Bird, Castoroides
LystrosaurusCooked Meat x1 or
Cooked Prime Meat x1
Rockarrot x1x3x2*YesDiplodocus
KairukuCooked Meat x1Savoroot x1x3x2YesAngler
PachyCooked Meat x1Citronal x1x3x2YesParacer
ParasaurCooked Meat x1Longrass x1x3x2YesRaptor
PteranodonMeat Jerky x1Rockarrot x1x3x2YesCarbonemys
PulmonoscorpiusPrime Jerky x1Longrass x1x3x2YesBeelzebufo, Tyrannosaurus
QuetzalcoatlusPrime Jerky x3Rockarrot x3x120x100YesDimetrodon, Giganotosaurus,
RaptorPrime Jerky x1Longrass x1x3x2YesMammoth
SarcoPrime Jerky x1Rockarrot x1x3x2YesStegosaurus
SpinosaurPrime Jerky x1Citronal x1x3x2YesMegalodon
StegosaurusPrime Jerky x1Citronal x1x3x2YesArgentavis
Terror BirdCooked Meat x1Citronal x1x3x2YesWoolly Rhino
TitanoboaMeat Jerky x1Longrass x1x3x2YesDunkleosteus, Gigantopithecus
TyrannosaurusPrime Jerky x1Longrass x1x3x2YesPlesiosaur, Quetzalcoatlus
TriceratopsMeat Jerky x1Savoroot x1x3x2YesSarco
* Tintoberry until fixed

Thanks to chengeloonie, COIN_RETURN from Reddit for corrections.

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