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How to use the image: I colour in each of the house locations I own. Once I’ve created a robot and assigned it a path. I draw a link between the two settlements to reflect its path.

I like to be organised. My next goal in Fallout 4 is to re-arrange my Provisioners so that they are going to the nearest settlement. Currently, they go to whichever settlement was available in order to share the workbench junk inventory. When I couldn’t find a map online that would do what I wanted, I made my own and I’m sharing it with you guys.

Tip: With Automatron, You can create and name your own robots in order to send them off into the wilderness as your Provisioners. Naming them SettlementA – SettlementB (EG: Sanc-Red or HangMan-Oberland), allows you to know which settlements it is linking together.

Tip: To reassign a Provisioner, you need to find them at a settlement and then change their assigned job.

Want anything added or have a suggestion to improve it? Let me know in the comments below.


The download the file has been moved, and can now be found here.

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  • Thank you! Ive been searching for this for a while and with Survival mode out this will help a ton!

  • Shillianth says:

    Brilliant! Glad it helped 😀

  • Nicholas says:

    Now I have a companion to plan commerce routes betwixt settlements. Small problem, though. The roads’ visibility is a little hard to see. Do you plan to make a .pdn/.psd variation to adjust visibility of the layers? I do have Paint.NET, so that’s something worth making a multi-layered map.

  • Shillianth says:

    I can look at making one with the roads being more prominent. I’ll try to get it up within a week (I’ve got an assignment due for University so I wont be able to do it right now but will do it ASAP!

  • Shillianth says:

    Hey Nicholas, just wanted to let you know the maps have been updated. Sorry it took a little longer than expected.

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