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FO4-01I plan on doing a video for YouTube about this at some point, but for now this little guide will explain why you should bother with settlements in Fallout 4 as well as a few other tips that I was able to compile. There are lots of guides that tell you all about them, but none actually told you why. This was something that totally baffled me when I first started playing. I had a blast looking after Sanctuary Hills and loved that there was more to the game than ‘go here, kill that‘. When I couldn’t find anything that told me why, I went about looking at the various guides and played around in order to find out for myself. This is a compilation of information and an explanation of why you should look after your settlements.

Basically settlements give you satisfaction and allow you to be creative. They give YOU the control over YOUR base rather than having a pre-set map. It also allows you to fulfil your micromanagement needs, while at the same time driving you crazy because that one wall just isn’t centred correctly. Settlements are the games way of giving you the power over your own base.

Bonus Experience
You get experience when you build something in Fallout 4, this will help you level faster. Resting before you build will give you bonus experience.

Along with the ability to make various foods, you also get the ability to make adhesive, something that is used in modifications to your weapons. You also get the ability to craft your own chems. Excess food and water will be collected as well as caps, should you have any stores (See below)

They make you caps
Whether it’s by having excess water and crops to sell or by having shops placed, they can make you caps. In order to place the stores you need to have spent a total of 8 points (6 in charisma and an additional 2 in Local Leader. Some stores require an additional point in another perk, although to start making caps from your stores, 8 will be fine). The higher level store you place, the better your cap return will be. Caps can be found in the inventory of the workbench under “Misc”.

Convenient Crafting Benches
While there are settlements that have access to all of the crafting benches, if you store one you lose it. The only way to get it back is to get the points in charisma in order to be able to place them again. It is more convenient than anything else. By allowing you to move them around, you can place them where you want. Instead of having to run down to one house when you want to cook something and around the back of another when you want to make chems. You can move them to wherever you want.

Having stores in your own settlement means that it’s easier to buy things you need. You don’t need to wait for Carla or Lucas to spontaneously be there and you don’t need to teleport to another zone in order to get something. While they generally don’t have anything unique, they do have lots of other items that’ll keep you going. You’ll also be getting a bit of the caps back from what you spend. By building a Food and Drinks store first you allow your settlers to have a place to hang out of a night time and this generates caps for you.

Having a place to kick off your shoes and clean your power armour is never a bad thing. Working on your settlements allows you to do just that. You can store as much (high five to my fellow hoarders) or as little (you monsters!) as you like. You can have your own filing system with the various storage units or have an all in one workbench.

FO4-02Information on Settlements

  • Brahmin in a settlement is said to increase overall productivity. It also produces fertilizer which you can either use in crafting or sell. To get a brahmin in your settlement, you can place a feeding trough and the beast will eventually appear and circle near it.
  • Dogs in a settlement gives an additional +5 defence and increases the happiness. They can be bought from a breeder who appears in your settlements once every so often. High charm is recommended as the guy is quite skittish and you need to do a lot of charisma checks.
  • Settler cap is 10 + 1 for each point in charisma. Resulting in being able to have 20 people per settlement. With buffs you can move people around and have up to 41 settlers.
  • Codsworth is a good farmer and produces more food than a normal human. Put him to work on produce.
  • Each farmer can tend to a total of 6 units of food. Mutfruit has a value of 1:1 (Food:Settler) whereas all other plants have a 0.5:1 (Food:Settler). Placing 6 mutfruits is the same as placing 12 carrots, corn or razorgrain etc. It doesn’t matter what you place, the settler will tend to a total of 6 units of food in total.
  • Minimum Defence to avoid being frequently raided is the total of food + the total of water + 5.
  • Happiness needs to be maintained in order for the settlement to remain allied you. If it’s low…
    • Check that everyone has a bed. You need to assign some settlers beds because they are too silly to find their own.
    • Make sure the beds aren’t too close together, they still need access to the beds.
    • Place down flooring, settlers love floor covers.
    • To get 100 happiness, you can build lots of shops and assign settlers to them.
  • Settlers don’t consume ammunition, this allows you to give them bigger guns without having to worry about keeping up their ammunition. Place x 1 of the guns ammo and the settler will have infinite ammunition.
  • Excess water and food crops get placed into your workbench and can be used by other settlements unless you take them out to sell them. EG: If you have 5 settlers but a total of 12 water, you’ll find 7 purified water in the workbench. 
  • A Scavenging bench will produce items for you to use within your settlements.
  • Local Leader Perk allows you to gain access to the stores, it also allows you to have a supply line. This means that you are able to share your workbench inventory between your various settlements. However, this is limited to the “junk” section. Anything else you place inside the workbench will be specific to that particular settlement.
  • Defend “X” settlement quests appear under the Data > Misc Quest area. When you teleport around, check this area first to see if a settlement needs assistance.
  • Use clothing to determine their job, by placing settlers in various items of clothing you can tell at a glance what everyone is doing. It also looks great.
    • Farmers in flannel and other “dirty” looking gear
    • Guards in Raid Leathers and various items of armor
    • Put hats or sunglasses on those who you’ve upgraded their weapons
    • Scavengers in the Scavenging Outfit
    • Store tellers in clean suits and or dresses
    • Supply Line walkers put in armoured clothing

In order to help maintain your settlements I’ve put together a 1 page print out for you. Click here to see the Fallout 4 Cheat Sheet.

Do you have any tips for others (or corrections)? Let me know in the comment section below and I can add it to the list with credit to you.


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