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Game Diary

By November 17, 2016Ark: Survival Evolved, Games

I sit here waiting for my wyvern to come of age in Ark: Survival Evolved. She was given to me by another player who couldn’t dedicate the time into raising it. I had no place to put it, no way of getting milk and no idea about the frequency at which it would need food. But I took it on anyway.

With the help of a handful of people on the server, I was given milk. Sometimes delivered, others I’d have to go and get it on my 160 speed Argie. It was amazing, I never thought that I’d get so much help.

On day 2, I was evacuated due to fire danger and couldn’t do anything to help. The guys on my server rallied around and helped by putting food in the trough to feed it. She’s now a slither away from being fully grown.

I didn’t get a chance to build a pen, I didn’t get to experience much of what it takes to raise a wyvern, but I’ll have one shortly. With help from the amazing guys on my server.

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