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full-portrait_005From playing the game, a lot, throughout the Olympic event I found a few ways to get good experience. I read around and a lot of the pages that I saw on the internet didn’t really go into detail about how to do this. There were a few things that helped, but most of them repeated each other. I decided that I’d write what I learnt to help others.

  • Be aggressive
  • Get medals, but not all gold
  • Win
  • Play to the objectives
  • Bonus experience

Be Aggressive

This may sound silly or even odd, but it’s the single biggest thing that I changed. It doesn’t matter which character you’re on as long as you’re in their face. Shoot the enemy, punt people off ledges but whatever you do be active.


Getting 4 gold medals is nice to look at, but it wont get you the most experience, because medals don’t stack experience. For optimal experience you want to try and get 1 gold, silver and bronze metal.

  • 50 XP – Bronze Medal
  • 100 XP – Silver Medal
  • 150 XP – Gold Medal


Winning gets a bonus. Granted you can’t always control this and sometimes you’ll be grouped with someone who wants to play with silly team comps, you’ll have someone who isn’t that great. That’s OK. You can’t / won’t win them all. Sometimes this means you’ll have to sacrifice playing on a character you want to, to fill in a role that’s needed.

How does this increase your experience?

Being aggressive and having more involvement in the game, increases your experience gain. Playing smart, you’re minimising your down time by being aware of your health and backing out rather than dying. This also has the added bonus of reducing the impact that the enemy team has on your playtime, since they aren’t getting credit for your kill. Playing to the objectives awards you “on fire points” which will translate into more experience. Going for a guaranteed kill with your ultimate is useful. Holding on to your ultimate for the perfect multikill that may never happen isn’t.

End Game Experience

When the game ends, you get experience awarded

  • 4.01 experience per second
  • 250 experience for finishing the game
  • 400 experience if you joined the game after it started
  • 500 experience for winning
  • 200 experience for consecutive match
  • 1,500 experience for the first win of the day

Game Modes

There are different modes in game that will earn you different amounts of experience. Competitive experience will earn you the most followed by quick play then brawl and vs artificial intelligence.

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