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Here is a list of tips that might help you while playing Overwatch!

There is a lot of pages popping up with various hints and tips on how to play characters. That’s great, but for me some of it is all too technical. I like information in its simplest form. If you want this, do that. Below is a list of tips that I’ll be adding to (with your help!), including some images that’ll help you with your game play.

Got anything to add? Post in the comment section below! Credit will be given to you for any tips added!

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  • Objectives
    • Payload
      • Use it as a shield when possible – From Shill
      • You can shoot at the enemy team’s feet under the payload – From Shill
      • Fight near it. In order to move it, people need to be standing next to it. The more people, the faster it goes – From Shill
    • Defending Payload
      • You can push the payload away by keeping the enemy team away from it – Corrected by Panda
      • Fight near it. In order to move it, people need to be standing next to it. The more people, the faster it goes – From Shill
    • Defend the Point
      • Stand on it. – From Shill
  • General
    • Check behind you every now and then – From Shill
    • You don’t need to exit through the main door or run through the main path. Look for alternatives. – From Shill
    • Health (white) is restored by health packs and healers
    • Armor (yellow) does -5 damage per hit if greater than 10 dmg
    • Shields (light blue) regenerate at 25 HP per second after 3 seconds of taking no damage
    • Overheal (dark blue) comes from Lucio’s ultimate
  • Reinhardt
    • Stand behind his shield (Reddit: Source)
    • Try to find ways to angle your shield that maximize your teams ability to put out damage. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Don’t stand around cover with your shield out soaking damage because its hitbox pops out of cover. I see this often, and unless you’re protecting someone it’s just hurting you. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Don’t ult shields, Zarya bubbles or people behind cover. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Don’t charge without a reason. Try not to go for long pins, where you carry someone across the battlefield. It exposes you too long and keeps you out of the fight. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Firestrike when you can, but be cognizant of the fact that your team can take damage during the strike. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • If someone flanks around your shield, and your team is behind you, trust them to take care of it. Turning with your shield opens your team up to a world of hurt when they think they’re safe. If you know you can’t trust them to take care of it, try and lead the group out of fire and then turn around and smack the flanker as best you can. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Dying a bit is okay, but die for a reason. You’re the tank, people should be shooting at you. Every now and again the full force of the enemy team will shatter your shield and you might not be able to escape, but that’s okay so long as you bought time for your team to fall back. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Shield up against ults, but watch riptires (smack it if you can) and other things that pierce your shield. Your shield is invaluable if caught in a Zarya bubble/Deadeye/etc (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Widowmaker sucks at popping your shield. Communicate this to your team, and make sure that she gets kill priority while you defend against her. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Don’t stand in front of a Bastion without knowing someone behind you will take him out. He will destroy your shield very, very quickly. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • Be aware that unless your team is bad, or you’re playing super aggressive, you probably won’t get many medals as Reinhardt (Objective time, probably, but that should be it). That’s just the way it is, doesn’t mean you aren’t doing your job. Odds are you’ll get a damage blocked MVP card though, for what little that matters. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
    • If you absolutely must get medals, and the enemy team has a Mei, and you feel like being silly, smack Mei’s ice walls. You’ll gold medal damage and confuse your team. (Reddit: Source Millibars)
  • Reaper
    • Use Shadow Step to teleport behind enemy lines where possible – From Shill
    • Use Wraith Form to escape from bad situations (not run into them!) – From Shill
  • Mercy
    • When using the ultimate, you need to be within range of your team. – From Sulas
  • Mei
    • You can turn the wall by 90 degrees by pressing E again – From Shill
    • You can remove the wall by pressing E once it’s been created (Reddit: Source, Splarfenstein)
  • Genji
    • His Ultimate can reflect most of the ultimates from other characters  – From Sulas
  • Symmetra
    • Teleporter exit direction faces you when placing it

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