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Is your favourite character really being ignored in the skins department? This table shows the total amount of skins each character has had since release. The skins have been split into the different events that have happened since release however skins that were from the preorder, blizzcon, nexus challenge, origins edition and map release have been merged into the one since they weren’t from an event itself.

HeroesIntroduced (Y/M)
Misc *Summer 16/17Halloween 16/17WinterNew YearUprisingAnniversaryTotal*Misc Desc
Ana2016 07213
Bastion2016 05 (R)111115Blizzcon 16
D.Va2016 05 (R)1113
Doomfist2017 07
Genji2016 05 (R)1113Nexus 2.0
Hanzo2016 05 (R)112
Junkrat2016 05 (R)1113
Lucio2016 05 (R)2114
McCree2016 05 (R)2114
Mei2016 05 (R)11215
Mercy2016 05 (R)21115
Moira2017 11
Orisa2017 0311
Pharah2016 05 (R)11114Origins
Reaper2016 05 (R)11215Origins
Reinhardt2016 05 (R)21115Eichenwalde
Roadhog2016 05 (R)1113
Solder 762016 05 (R)11114Origins
Sombra2016 11112
Symmetra2016 05 (R)2114
Torbjorn2016 05 (R)11125
Tracer2016 05 (R)1211117Origins
Widowmaker2016 05 (R)1214Preorder
Winston2016 05 (R)1113Blizzcon 17
Zarya2016 05 (R)21115
Zenyatta2016 05 (R)1113

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