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Within Numbani there is a building that cycles through news and the current stock prices of the various companies within the Overwatch world. They sometimes lead to clues about heroes or help continue the story line. Below you’ll find all the information [I could find] on the existing companies within Overwatch. Got any more to add? Let me know in the comment section below.

Stock Prices

 18th JuneFirst Ent16th NovSombraChanges

News Headlings

Previous: (June 8th, 2016)
Human-Omnic Relations Tense after King’s Row protests
Volskaya Ind. increases production following Siberian Omnium attacks

Current: (Sombra Release. approx 15th Nov, 2016)
Lumerico reports massive breach at dorado power plant, latest attack in global hacking spree
Volskaya Ind. increases production following Siberian Omnium attacks

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