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downloadIn trying to complete the career mode, I was going fine until I came across the 3rd set of challenges. Nightly Encounters was horrible for me to complete. I couldn’t crack the 10,000 ride income requirement that was needed to finish, without doing some research. In order to find out which rides cost the least to run, held the most amount of people, and which has the greatest potential for profit, I created the table.

The table shows that type the ride is (Thrill or Gentle) as well as the Excitement, Fear and Nausea values. In addition to this the table shows the initial price, monthly running cost and how many people can fit on the rides. Along with all that useful information I’ve also included the default ticket price, how much money you get per cycle (assuming the ride is full) and Potential Profit (assuming each ride does 30 cycles per month). I haven’t included the refurbishment price as this is changes based on how old the ride itself is. The table also doesn’t include the cost of a mechanic and doesn’t take the priority pass into account (although I don’t think this would make any difference).

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Planet Coaster Min Maxing Rides

Planet Coaster Ride Cheat Sheet From Shillianth.comTypeExcitementFearNauseaPriceMonthly CostSeatsTicket PriceSales Per RunPotential Profit*   
360 PowerThrill4.545.065.5534401703082407030
Gears of FearThrill4.759.944.8731603104083209290
Hammer SwingThrill3.323.595.562240620406.52607180
Hellion RingThrill4.1354.4856004402481925320
Magic TwirlGentle1.651.421.731440420364.51624440
Sky AceThrill3.112.882.8433765403272246180
Star WheelGentle2.482.092.982560550964.543212410
Sun FlareThrill3.163.653.6328406202471684420
The AeronautsGentle2.52.591.5816804504841925310
The CubeThrill5.956.275.93268050024102406700
The ScreaminatorThrill55.65.350001250401040010750
Venetian CarouselGentle1.480.530.651200310293.5101.52735
Whirly RigGentle21.823.4724404804841925280
Wild BlueThrill6.15.44.2416002101291083030
  • Over 30 Cycles

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