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Sea of Thieves – Developer Stream rundown

Within this post, I’ll go through everything that happened in this weeks developer stream. Where…

Sea of Thieves Developer Update AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE 14th Feb 2019

via IFTTT This week Executive Producer Joe Neate hosted the dev update, as usual. The…

Sea of Thieves PATCH 1.4.3 FRIENDS PLAY FREE rundown

The main attraction of this patch appears to be the Mercenary Voyages and ship customisations…

Sea of Thieves – Data Mine

Crew of Thieves reported some information regarding fishing and cooking, that go along with a…
Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.4.3
Sea of Thieves All About the Order of Souls
Sea of Thieves – beginner tutorial – sea of thieves | beginners guide (basic tutorial)
Sea of Thieves Item Worth Sheet

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