Fallout 4 P.A.M – Provisioner Assignment Map Pack

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How to use the image: I colour in each of the house locations I own. Once I’ve created a robot and assigned it a path. I draw a link between the two settlements to reflect its path.

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I like to be organised and so do the other 3,000+ people who have downloaded this file! So when I couldn’t find a map big enough that I could print and keep track of my provisioner’s, I made my own and I’m sharing it with you guys – FREEPhotoshop file available for purchase here.

The P.A.M’s help to re-arrange Provisioners so that they are going to the nearest settlement, and you know who is going where by keeping note. Currently, they go to whichever settlement was available in order to share the workbench junk inventory.

Tip: With Automatron, You can create and name your own robots in order to send them off into the wilderness as your Provisioners. Naming them SettlementA – SettlementB (EG: Sanc-Red or HangMan-Oberland), allows you to know which settlements it is linking together.

Tip: To reassign a Provisioner, you need to find them at a settlement and then change their assigned job.

Want anything added or have a suggestion to improve it? Let me know in the comments below.

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