Sea of Thieves Item Worth Sheet

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When I was playing with a friend, we were doing a fort and another group showed up. When it came time to split the loot we didn’t know what was worth the most, so we took what looked the coolest. Which was fine by us however, confused the other pirates. I thought to myself, it’d be nice to know the prices of things in the 1 place, I made this and wanted to share!

Contains 2 files, a printable black and white version for you as well as a coloured image to view on the screen. Sorted alphabetically, so that you can find the names easier.

The download is FREE and being handled via a store front to manage the download easier, no payment details required. The only information asked for is your email address, which you can flub if you want.

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Contains 2 image files for you to use/print. However, not for resale or to be placed on another website without permission

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