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Below is a list of settlements from Fallout 4 with a checklist below of all the things you’ll need in order to keep track of them in a similar layout to the Settlement cheat sheet.

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Abernathy Farm Boston
Coastal Cottage County Crossing Covenant Croup Manor Egret Tours Marina Finch Farm

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Graygarden (Robots) Greentop Nursery Hangman’s Alley Jamaica Plain Kingsport Lighthouse Murkwater Construction Site Nordhagen Beach Oberland Station Outpost Zimonja

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Red Rocket Truck Stop Sanctuary Hills Sommerville Place Spectacle Island Starlight Drive In Sunshine Todings Co-op Taffington Boathouse Tenpines Bluff The Castle The Slog (Ghouls) Warick Homestead

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Home Plate The Institute The Prydwen

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