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Name the build and mark off what skills you want to pick, so that you can refer to the list while you level in game.

I wanted to release the Cheat Sheets I’ve put together. I’m terrible at remembering builds and have a collection of pieces of paper and notebooks full of numbers written at random inside it, with no clues as to what they mean. When I decide I want to play again, I’ve got to look up the information, again. It’s frustrating and time consuming.

I decided to put together a printable document for each of the heroes, this way I can remember what build I want to use as well as a few that I want to try in the future. Since I’m a lover of stationary and lists, I also added a “mastered” box on each sheet for you to keep track of as well as a notes section below each sheet. Each sheet contains 3 sections for you to keep track of the builds, including a spot for you to write the name of the build at the top.

If you’re a fan of Heroes of The Storm you’ll want to download all of the Hero character sheets at once. Why not? For your convenience they have been compiled into the one download file, for the low price of $0.50 (or free individually below). The download includes a PDF of ALL current Heroes as well as a BONUS Mastered Character Check List for freeWhen you buy the Heroes of The Storm Complete Set, you are helping to support the site. For this I thank you. 

  • All sheets should be 1 page.
  • Skills are based from the Gamepedia. Excuse any descrepancies
  • If you spot something that needs correcting let me know in the comments below or via your social media of choice.

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