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Sims 4 Expansion Pack List

By February 17, 2018Site News

Sims 4 Game Packs

CodeFull NameDate
MapRace AddedSkillsAspirationTraitsCollectablesCareersDescription
GP01Outdoor Retreat2015/01/13Granite FallsHerbalismOutdoor EnthusiastSqueamish, Survivalist (Reward Trait), Great Storyteller (Purchase),
Stoves and Grills Master (Purchase), Incredibly Friendly (Purchase)
InsectsAdds a place that your Sims can visit for a holiday.
EP01Get to Work2015/03/31Magnolia Promenade
AlienBaking, PhotographayDoctor, Detective
& Scientist
Build retail stores.
SP01Luxury Party Stuff2015/05/19Unique item: Buffet Table
SP02Perfect Patio Stuff2015/06/16Unique item: Hottub
GO02Spa Day2015/07/15WellnessNew lots to visit and skills as well as a calming vibe.
SP03Cool Kitchen Stuff2015/08/11Unique item: Ice Cream maker
SP04Spooky Stuff2015/09/29Unique item: Pumpkin carving station
EP02Get Together2015/12/08WindenburgDancing, DJLeader of the PackDance Machine,Insider, Natural Leader, Adds many interactions to do with friends & natural pools
SP05Movie Hangout Stuff2016/01/12Unique item: Popcorn Maker
SP06Romantic Garden Stuff2016/02/09Unique item: Wishing well
GP03Dine Out2016/06/07Baking, Food critic (NPC)Restaurant OwnerAllows visiting and owning of restaurants.
SP07Kids Room Stuff2016/06/28Unique item: Battle Monsters, Puppet Play
SP08Backyard Stuff2016/07/19Unique item: Water slide
EP03City Living2016/11/01San MyshunoSingingUnflirtyPoster, Snow Globes
& Cuisines
Politicians, Critics
& Social Media
Introduces Festivals & appartment life. Adds lot traits
SP09Vintage Glamour Stuff2016/12/06NPC: ButlerUnique item: Vanity Table
GP04Vampires2017/01/24VampireVampire Lore, Pipe OrganLOT: On a Dark Ley Line, Vampire Nexus, Registered Vampire Lair.Introduces Vampires to the game.
SP10Bowling Night Stuff2017/03/29Unique item: Bowling alley
GP05Parenthood2017/05/30ParentingSuper ParentVALUE TRAITS: Bad Manners, Good Manners, Responsible,
Irresponsible, Mediator, Argumentative, Compassionate, Insensitive,
Emotional Control, Uncontrolled Emotions
Adds more detail to toddler, children and teens. Parenting is now more indepth
SP11Fitness Stuff2017/06/20Unique item: Climbing wall
SP12Toddler Stuff2017/08/24Unique item: Play equiptment
EP04Cats & Dogs2017/11/10Brindleton BayVeterinarianFriend of the AnimalsFor Cats, For Dogs, For SimsIntroduces cats and dogs as pets.
SP13Laundry Day Stuff2018/01/19
GP06Jungle Adventure2018/02/27SalvadoradoNPC: SkeletonArchaeology, Cultural(?)Adds a place that your Sims can visit for a holiday.
EP06Get Famous2018/11/16Del Sol ValleyActing, Media ProductionWorld-Famout Celebrity, Master ActorSelf-Absorbed, Hottest Spot in Town (lot), Up-and-coming Hotspot (lot), Celebrity Home (lot)ActingAdds the ability to 'get famous' within the world
EP05Seasons2018/06/22Patchy (scarecrow)Beekeeping, Scouts, Updated Gardening, Flower Arranging, Weather Machine & SkatingHeat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Iceproof, Waterproof & Storm Chaser (rewards)Gardening & Flower ArrangingAdds weather to the game, along with a calendar and events. Patch included an update to gardening and added additional plants to the rotation
Sortable by the headings, this table includes a brief overview of information for what is included within all of the DLC since launch. If you see *, this means hover for more information.

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