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Deciding to raise a Giganotosaurus

We’re a small tribe. A tribe of 2 mains with 2 others who flutter in as they want. We were given a Giga egg from a friend, Its parents were level 262 and 293, we were told that there is a chance that there will be blue skin. Awesome!


Gigas take 2 weeks to raise. That’s a huge time commitment. Given that the time sink was huge, we tried reading about it. The impression we got was that gigas ate a huge amount of food, fast. To find out how fast they ate, we got a lower level giga and hatched it. The food consumption wasn’t as bad as we thought. We didn’t have to stand over it, with inventory open and a bag full of meat, ready to press T. It consumed food at a normal rate. By the time 15 mins had passed, it was holding 14 food, 45 mins after hatching it held 39 food. It wasn’t a mad scramble for food at all.

The issue would be, we got twins!

Bonus, it was male and female, should we ever want to breed them.

The first hour came and went. Aside from there being two, it was fairly uneventful. But we were prepared…

It feels like more of an endurance test than anything else. Making sure you’ve got fridges stocked with, meat checking to make sure they’re eating it and making sure to add more when they’re low. It certainly isn’t difficult in terms of meat upkeep if you’ve prepared your meat before hand.

As of writing this, we’re a approx 1h and 20m into the raising of the giga. It’s holding 71 bits of meat, it’ll eat a bit of meat every 45 or so seconds. While I wouldn’t recommend going AFK for any great period of time, it hasn’t been this horrendous transfer spam fest  either.


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