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It’s currently day 5, I’m tired and getting frustrated with having to login every 8 hours in order to imprint. If you’re late, that means you’re sequentially later and later with each following imprint.

So, we goofed. We hatched them around mid-morning so our last imprinting of the day is 3AM! In total you get 42 chances to imprint in order to get 100% imprint, which means you can miss 8 if you want to get 100%, unless there is a bonus event.

I recommend hatching the egg at 8AM, that way you’re imprinting next at 4PM and then midnight. It isn’t terrible to keep up. However, still draining if you’re someone who likes to get more than 7 hours sleep and impossible to do if you work.

They don’t eat much, although we keep 4-5 feeding bins troughs at any given time, with cooked meat. That way we’ve got plenty of meat and have wriggle room if needed.

So far, nothing seems impossible to have done solo, if you plan ahead with multiple fridges full of meat and feeding troughs.

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