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I find myself in a difficult place, where I want to have a website and YouTube channel that’s a hub of information for Sims 4 and whatever other game I enjoy playing, but don’t want to get spoilers.

It’s proving to be really difficult. Sims 4 are releasing Get Famous REALLY soon, and I’ve avoided reading websites containing information and haven’t watched any videos that show potential spoilers. I’ve chosen to do this so that I can experience the game, on my own, when I first load it. However, it’s come at a cost. People/viewers want this information and do visit and watch such videos. As a content creator it feels impossible to try and be successful (via website or YouTube) without diving head first into every little snippet of information and hyping things up.

I’ve always prided myself on the overall ethos of the website/YouTube channel, to be correct and to the point. I don’t want to be a hype man or produce click bait content. Even this has cost me because YouTube rewards people who babble by pushing their videos over shorter videos that are direct and to the point. The struggle is real.

Speaking of struggles. Anyone who has visited this website a handful of times over the last few months, may have noticed that the site has been offline for short periods of time. I’m not the most technically minded of people and I can’t afford to pay someone to look after the ‘back end’ of things, so it’s taken a while to figure out what the problem was. Partly my own fault, for pushing my hosting package to the brink by offering family members hosting for their own hobby websites, which I’ve had to stop. However, I discovered today that people have been hotlinking to my website, using my images on their websites, using my hosting. From my understanding, it’s like someone putting the fuel pump into their own car, while I’m walking into the gas station to pay. It’s wrong. I’ve spoken to my host and they’ve helped where they can and I’m currently waiting for things they’ve setup to filter through.

I’m all cranky-pants [probably just overexcited waiting for the expansion pack to drop and annoyed that my heir disappeared in the latest patch]. I feel like in order to be more successful, I have to put my own desires aside and I’ve been taken for granted. I also want chocolate and we’re all out. Not to mention, I have horrible internet, so any videos I do make has to be uploaded overnight so that it doesn’t interfere with other people using the internet. A 3 min video, takes on average 1 hour and 30 mins to upload /rage. I’m also aware this is a total “first world problem“.

If you’ve gotten this far, leave me a dad joke or corny joke in the comment section to cheer me up ♥


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