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Over the last few weeks I’ve been some what random with the posting of things, I’m sorry! I’m studying online University and finding it difficult to keep up with managing the website/YouTube channel, being a Mum, wife and studying. My laughably poor time management skills have been seriously put to the test and stretched to their limits over the last few weeks. I’ve had 3 university assignments due within 3 days of each other (1 on the 10th, 2 on the 13th) and I’ve also got an exam on the 17th October as well. Not to mention, it’s my birthday on the 9th October! Things have been a little busy. I’ve self diagnosed myself with”Sorethumbitus“, from having to type SO much over the last few weeks.

I’m hoping to get into making more videos after the 17th October, as I’ll be finished with study until next year. I plan on using the time in the middle to really focus on creating content for Sims, Overwatch, Fortnite and Ark. Not to mention, colouring videos for my other hobby, adult colouring. I realised the other day, that I was pretty chilled when I was doing the colouring and stopped when I became more stressed. Which was totally the opposite of what I should have done! I’m really looking forward to my break from study so that I can record, upload and schedule content to come out over the following months so that I can have a little bit of a breather for when things get crazy again.


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