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In the screenshot, the gun is covering two of the three, you can make out the third near the palm trees at the tip of the gun

I’d only seen 1 Allo pack since they came out and wanted them. I worked on getting a tranq gun and darts to tame them then spent a few days trying to find them. Finally, while out looking for a Quetz, I found a pack. Luckily for me, they were near a cliff AND stuck in trees. They kept rubber banding around the place, but couldn’t get to me.

I stood on the cliff face and kept shooting them until they were all knocked out. Flew down there, gave them kibble.

Getting them  home was a little more difficult than I expected. I tried to get them home via the raft, but I couldn’t see around the walls and they fell off when I accidentally hit the wall. I ended up going back to the shore and walking them back.

They are awesome, I love that they purr! I don’t normally tame aggressive dinos solo because I’m too scared I’ll die.

Huey, Duey and Luey are now safely back at the main base.

Have you tamed any Allos yet? What’d you name them? Where’d you find them? How many alpha’s do you have?

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