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In Fortnite, each mission now has different modifiers that are applied to the map when playing. You can see what they are on the left hand side of the map screen, when selecting missions. Sometimes they are a buff to the player, a specific class, traps or a general one. Similarly, enemies get modifiers that either buff them or hinder the player. Below is a list of modifiers that have been added to the game. Each of the 3 tables can be sorted by clicking on the headings.

Which one is your favourite? Have I goofed missed one? Let me know in the comments below!

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Below you can select from the 3 tabs. If you want to see all, player or enemy modifiers. If you have something to add to the table, let me know in the comments below!

A list of afflictions, who they are for and what they do in Fortnite
 AfflictionApplicantDescriptionVisual effect
Acid PoolsEnemiesEnemies have a chance to leave a damaging pool on the ground when they die
Adept AbilitiesPlayerHero abilities do more damage
Adept ConstructorsPlayerConstructors do more damage
Adept NinjasPlayerNinjas do more damage
TBA*Adept OutlandersPlayerOutlanders do more damage
Adept SoldiersPlayerSoldiers do more damage
TBA*Building ConstructorsPlayerBuild, Upgrade, and Repair costs reduced for Constructors
TBA*Concussive ShieldbreakPlayerWhen a player's shield is destroyed, nearby enemies take damage. Smaller enemies are likely to be knocked back
TBA*Concussive ShieldbreakPlayerWhen a player's shield is destroyed, nearby enemies take damage, Smaller enemies are likely to be knocked back
EmpathyEnemiesWhenever a player loses health, allies suffer the damage equal to a percent of that amount
Enemy: Concussive ShieldbreakEnemiesWhen enemies die, they grant nearby enemies a brief movement and attack speed increasePurple cloud
EnragedEnemiesWhen enemier are near death, they become enraged, dealing more damageEnemies glow read. See here for more NPC info
Expensive MetalsPlayerMetal sstructures cost significantly more to build
Exploding DeathburstEnemiesBasic husks explode when killed, damaging players and buildings in the area
TBA*Focused NinjasPlayerNinja ability cool downs and energy costs are reduced
Hardware ConstructorsPlayerConstructors do more damage and crit more often with Hardware weapons
TBA*Headshot SoldiersPlayerSoldiers do more damage with Assault Rifles when scoring head shots
Healing DeathburstEnemiesWhen enemies die, they heal nerby enemies for a percentage of their maximun health
Knockback Melee AttacksPlayerPlayer melee attacks do increased knockback
Leaping NinjasPlayerNinjas jump higher and can Mantis Leap more often
TBA*Life Leech AttacksEnemiesEnemies restore a percentage of their health each time they deal damage
Melee Life LeechPlayerHeroes heal by a percentage of melee damage they deal
Metal CorrosionEnemiesBasic husk melee attacks cause metal buildings to corrode, periodically damaing them for a time
No HarvestingPlayerHarvesting yields no resources
No RepairsPlayerHeroes can't repair buildings for one wave
No ShieldsPlayerHero shields are inactive
Powerful Axes and ScythesPlayerAxes and Scythes do more damage
TBA*Powerful Energy AttacksPlayerPlayer energy attacks do more damage
Powerful ExplosivesPlayerExplosive weapons do more damage
Powerful PistolsPlayerPistols do more damage
TBA*Powerful ShotgunsPlayerShotguns do more damage
Powerful Sniper RiflesPlayerSniper Rifles do more damage
Powerful Swords and SpeaksPlayerSpear and Sword weapons do more damage
Powerful TrapsPlayerTraps hit harder, fire more often, and last longer
QuickenedEnemiesEnemies gain movement speed for a time after taking damage
RicochetEnemiesEnemies reflect a percentage of the ranged damage they suffer
Slowing AttacksEnemiesWhenever a player is struck by a melee attack, they move more slowly for a short timeDown arrows around player
Slowing PoolsEnemiesEnemies have a chance to leave a slowing pool on the ground when they dieLarge Purple circle on floor. Down arrows around player
Smoke ScreensEnemiesEnemies have a chance to create a smoke screen when they die, granting enemy damage resistance to ranged attacks
TBA*Storm AssultPlayerAssault Rifles do more damage
Sword NinjasPlayerNinjas do more damage and crit more often with swords
TankEnemiesHusks have much more health and are harder to slow, stun and staggerEnemies appear metallic. See here for more NPC info
Uncharted EnemiesEnemiesEnemies don’t show up on the minimap
Upgraded OutlandersPlayerOutlanders can carry more Fragments, and their abilities deal more damage
Wall WeakeningEnemiesBuildings become increasingly vulnerable to damage for a short time after they are attacked
TBA*Well Drilled SoldiersPlayerSoldier ability cool downs and energy costs are reduced

TBA*, I’ve yet to come across these in game. If you’ve got a screenshot of them, please send it to me and I can update the spreadsheet!


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