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When the 2016 Summer Games were released, I went a bit crazy. I had to have everything, I didn’t want to wait a year to get everything. So I spent money to get everything, all up it was probably close to $100, if not more AUD on boxes. In an attempt to get everything, specifically the Mercy skin, Eidgenossin, even then it wasn’t until the last day that I got it. In the end I got close to everything, except a handful of sprays and voice lines. I did this knowing that Blizzard would be re-releasing the items again in a year.

This year, as promised all of the items have been re-released and as someone who got most everything last year it is a blessing and a curse. While there are an extra 7 skins, 7 victory poses, 1 new emote and another highlight intro, I feel a little confused about the content that was released. In that I don’t understand what the event is now meant to stand for. Last year it revolved around sports and the skins reflected this. This is why we have gold medal poses, sprays and player icons of the heroes competing in various sporting activities. However, the skins that have been released this year are a combination of ‘beach party‘ and ‘sport‘.

I like skins but I like it even more then the skins revolve around one particular genre. They seem to have moved away from the sports to the BBQ pool party. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just confusing.

Lucioball feels much better this time round. No more cheap ult goals. I’m still just as terrible at it this year as I was last year, sorry to anyone I group with. The changes to the ultimate taking it from a ball magnet to a speed up makes the play-ability much better.

While I wish there were more items for me to collect, I do understand that there couldn’t be, as it would overwhelm anyone who is trying to collect them this year.

The servers have been disconnecting me, so that’s a shame.

First Thoughts Score: 6/10


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