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I’ve been playing a bit of Sims 4 again recently, specifically the City Living expansion pack. Yes, I know I’m quite late to the party and it came out a short time ago. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get my hands on a copy and play until recently. Overall, it’s been a great expansion pack, it has has reinvigorated the game for me. The new additions to the game and the limited space means that you’ve got to get out and make money. Your first bill will be your rent and you can’t sell your windows. Your floor space is limited creating a challenge on your building ability. You can’t (shouldn’t) start with a huge family and send them all out to work, you’ll have no room for them. You have to think as you play.

After starting a new family, for the first time since the game came out, I’ve moved into a little apartment with a set of twins (one male and one female). The new stuff that you get to make a Sim, including being able to use male things, has really opened the game up to allowing you to make some awesome (awesim) looking sims.

The apartment is small and has frequent problems including mice, power outages, cockroaches, bad smells and noisy neighbours. Although the rent is cheap. This poses a challenge while playing. This means you become all too familiar with your landlord, who tends to get a little side tracked from fixing the problem to socialising. Which, is far too realistic from my own personal experience and just annoying. I want power, not a chat. Thanks. While this is annoying, it’s also a challenge. Even with the best bed, your Sim’s will still wake up in a bad mood because they’ve had this or that happen and you have to settle them back down. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best of everything if you’ve got a rodent running through the place. It isn’t the same thing over and over, it’s something different, something you need to keep an eye out on and an addition to the game that I think it really needed.

There are festivals that happen every now and then that are fun to go and collect things, meet people, buy and in some cases sell things. They seem to rotate, as of writing this I’ve yet to have a duplicate festival, so I’m not sure about the replay-ability of them however, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still visit for one thing or another. Completing life challenges and wishes, especially if you selected the new aspiration, means that you’ll be frequenting the festivals often.

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