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Lavender Lets Play

By November 3, 2014Youtube

I started the game with Lily Lavender when the game first came out. I’ve been playing it since, no cheats and having a blast! I started out making a few videos but due to the file size of recording for as long as I’m playing, I’ve had to cut things down a little (ultra sad face). So I’m going to try and document things here (and Twitter) that happen in game, since I can’t make a video for all of it.

I’m using Bandicam to record, so I’m also trying to reduce the file size. If you know how, feel free to email me! [email protected]

Family Trees!

Below are the family trees of the families mentioned throughout the Lets Play.

Colour Key:

Black: NPC / Neutral / Townie etc / Not played
Grey: As above / not played
Purple: Heir / played

Lavender Family

  • Lily Lavender & Quinton Bain
    • Andrew Lavender & Shea Arce
      • Garret Lavender
      • Kelley Lavender
      • Nyla Lavender (twin)
      • Matilda Lavender (twin)
    • John Lavender & (… Misc Women)

      • Emilee Ballard (Mother Angel Ballard)
      • Clinton Balard (Mother Angel Ballard)
      • Sawyer Patel (Mother Zoe Patel)
    • Terry Lavender & Evelyn
      • India Lavender
    • Belle Lavender & Jamie Caliente
    • Tiffany Lavender (Adopted) & Justin Caliente
      • Dominique Lavender
  • Quinton Bain & Addison Marshal (Affair)
    • Ella Marshal

 Caliente Family

  • Katrina & Unknown Caliente
    • Nina Caliente & Don Lothario
      • Jamie Caliente
    • Dina Caliente
    • Justin Caliente
    • Jake Caliente

What’s new…

  • Quinton had an affair resulting in a baby (following whims)
  • Quinton repaired multiple electronic devices, still hasn’t died
  • Noticed: Upgrading items needs items! (TOP IDEA!)
  • Lily pregnant with QuintonAndrew
  • Plan a wedding event – Was fun!
    • Lily went to work mid celebration
    • Got SILVER reward
  • Lily pregnant with QuintinJohn
  • Money is tight! Moved / Made the house
  • Lily pregnant with QuintonTerry
  • Terry aged up early. I have a crying baby IRL, no way I’m playing a crying baby in game!
  • Lily pregnant with QuintonBelleFinally a girl!!
  • Adjusted house slightly
  • Lily adopted Tiffany (whim)
  • Quinton aged to Old
  • Lily aged to adult
  • Tiffany aged to teenager
  • Belle aged to teenager
  • Moved houses
  • Andrew started dating Shea
  • Shea moved in – Eight (8) in the house
  • John aged up to young adult
  • Andrew and Shea moved out – (6)
  • Terry aged to young adult
  • Terry moved out
  • Tiffany aged to young adult
  • Tiffany started dating Justin
  • Belle aged to young adult
  • Belle started dating Jamie
  • Tiffany pregnant with JustinDominique
  • Dominique aged to child
  • Tiffany, Justin and Dominique moved out – (4)
  • Belle started a job in the writing skill
  • Jamie’s career is culinary
  • Belle and Jamie got married
  • Belle pregnant with Jamie – Xavier, Griffin and Phoenix
  • Xavier, Griffin and Phoenix aged to child
  • Xavier, Griffin and Phoenix aged to teen

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